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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Date Uploaded:11-Jun-2008

Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by Ian White who comes from a long line of herbalists. He states that the Australian land has a very wise old energy, so in combination with having a clean environment it is the ideal place to develop flower essences to assist in the unfoldment of increasing consciousness (White, 1991). There are over 50 Bush Flower Essences that are made up of plants from all over Australia.

The essences are used to assist people to heal themselves and work on a vibrational or bioenergetic level. There are a number of ways to choose which essence/s to use to achieve a particular outcome. I mainly use a pendulum or have the person choose from pictures of the essences. Muscle testing is also a useful way to discover the appropriate flower essences.

I will be adding some information about some of the essences I use most often for clients on the following pages. For more information about the Australian Bush Flower Essences log onto www.ausflowers.com.au

References White, I. (1991) Australian Bush Flower Essences. Sydney: Bantum Books.



White Light Essences

Date Uploaded:11-Jun-2008

These seven essences were developed by Ian White 'to help us invoke and access the realms of Nature and Spirit within ourselves so as to more fully explore and understand our spirituality and fulfil our highest potential' (White, 2002). 

The White Light Essences are great for ones own development as well as assisting clients in their journey. Please see www.ausflowers.com.au for more information.


White, I. (2002) White Light Essences. Terry Hills: Australian Bush Flower Essences.