Bioenergetic Healing

The term bioenergetic healing is generic and refers to different forms of energy healing.  It is based on the theory that energy in living forms is composed of different sized molecules and frequencies. 

Aligning and balancing the energetic system comprising of energy fields, energy centres and other complex structures, activates, enhances and facilitates the body's own healing capacity. Activation  and balance of the energy system is achieved through the use of the hands either on or off the body.  Healing may occur at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels and taps into the innermost wisdom of the person.

The modality of Healing Touch, which comes from nursing, is the major modality I use.  For example, a person may feel tired and stressed if they have low levels of activity in their energy system.  One or more sessions of Healing Touch can increase the vitality and activity of the energy system allowing the person to more energised.  The Healing Touch Certificate Program was founded by Janet Mentgen, a nurse living in Denver, Colorado.  For more information about Healing Touch please visit http://www.healingtouch.org.au/ or http://www.healingtouchinternationa.org/.

 I offer several other forms of bioenergetic healing, which assist in balancing the Earth Star and Hara Line both important aspects of the energy system.  Bioenergetic healing is complementary to, enhances and supports all modern medical and traditional healing treatments.